our services

Whether it’s boosting brand awareness for your business, organizing a special event, or showing appreciation to your customers, EM Brands offers a comprehensive range of solutions. From personalized mugs to custom-branded gazebos for your events, we cater to all your branding needs and everything in between.

We offer a comprehensive range of workwear essentials, including high-visibility vests, shirts, and polos, all customizable with your logos. Partnering with the top brands in the industry, we ensure premium quality. Click to discover more about our offerings.

Have you even left school if you are not sporting a Leavers Hoodie these days?? We can supply you a one off for your leaver to large quantities for your schools, hit the link to chat to us about leavers Hoodies & T-Shirts.

Do you have or are thinking about creating your own brand? We are pleased to present a comprehensive managed fulfilment service, encompassing printing, packaging, and shipping your products to customers under your unique brand identity. Feel free to contact us via phone or email for a detailed discussion on the services we can provide tailored to your needs.

Custom and personalised gifts for all occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, school graduations, including leavers’ wear, and a plethora of other events. Engage with us to discuss your ideas or draw inspiration from our offerings.

From Hen/Stag T-shirts to a wide range of other options, we offer fully customized garments, including printed gang sheets. Click on the link to chat with us about your ideas.